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600 LPH RO Plant

600 LPH RO Plant
600 LPH RO Plant
Product Code : 02
Product Description

600 LPH RO Plant

System Application:

Commercial/Industrial RO Plants are best suitable for normal drinking application to the specific usage, such as - Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Dialysis, Boiler Feeding, Beverages Effluent and Waste water Purification, Fruit Syrup Production, Hydrogen Production and various other Commercial/Industrial usages.

Over View:

Over View: Our commercial/industrial range of RO water treatment plants production available from 100 to 1,00,000 LPH of capacity. All systems are designed and tested for easy installation. We are utilizing the high quality components and advance system designs. User can use the system with years of trouble free service. 

Aquaa Care RO water treatment plant is using the reverse osmosis principle to treat water and make it suitable for the usage in commercial/industrial purposes. The commercial/industrial RO Plant is the most cost effective water treatment system for any commercial/industrial establishments. The commercial/industrial RO Systems cleans the water contaminants and removes non essential and corrosive salts, metals, chemicals etc., present in the water and thus making water safe for tools and equipments used in the commercial/industrial activities. RO based water treatment plants have been in use for quite some time but have been under-utilized or have been used only in a limited manner. 

Our special attention to understand the requirement of clients and further, designing & engineering suitable commercial/industrial RO Water Treatment Plants, has made Aquaa Care a proffered name. The Reverse Osmosis plant for commercial/industrial water treatment by Aquaa Care is extensively used by industries for commercial water treatment needs purposes.

Standard Features:

 Economy RO System Standard RO System Super Deluxe RO System(Fully SS)
 FRP Pressure Vessels FRP Pressure Vessels SS-316 grade Pressure Vessels
 Heavy duty PVC piping Heavy duty PVC piping Heavy duty SS-316 grade piping
 Powder coated MS frame SS-304 grade SS frame SS-304 grade SS frame
 High Pressure Pump High Pressure Pump High Pressure Pump
 PLC Control PLC Control PLC Control
 Power ON/OFF switch Power ON/OFF switch Power ON/OFF switch
 5 Micron pre-filter 5 Micron pre-filter 5 Micron pre-filter
 Semi permeable Membrane Semi permeable Membrane Semi permeable Membrane
 Product water flow meter Product water flow meter Product water flow meter
 High pressure gauge High pressure gauge High pressure gauge
 High/Low pressure switch High/Low pressure switch High/Low pressure switch
 Level control ON/OFF Level control ON/OFF Level control ON/OFF
 Auto flush with solenoid valve Auto flush with solenoid valve Auto flush with solenoid valve
 Multistage booster pump Multistage booster pump Multistage booster pump
 Capacity of Gallon Per day Capacity of Gallon Per day Capacity of Gallon Per day
 PSI working pressure PSI working pressure PSI working pressure
 Flow meters for pure/waste water Flow meters for pure/waste water Flow meters for pure/waste water
 Water quality indicator Water quality indicator Water quality indicator
 TDS meter with LCD TDS meter with LCD TDS meter with LCD
 Electrical control Panel Electrical control Panel Electrical control Panel
 Overload breakers Overload breakers Overload breakers
 LED indicators LED indicators LED indicators
 Pressure Control Valve Pressure Control Valve Pressure Control Valve
 Optional: UV sterilizer & Ozone system Optional: UV sterilizer & Ozone system Optional: UV sterilizer & Ozone system



  • Cost effective water treatment system
  • Uses the reverse osmosis principle
  • Suitable for all types of commercial/industrial usage
  • Suitable designing & best engineering work
  • Latest in water treatment technology
  • Cleans the water contaminants
  • Removes all dissolved water impurities
  • Using semi-permeable membrane
  • Delivers pragmatic & profitable water treatment solution
  • Heavy duty cycle, easy installation & low maintenance
  • Removes non essential and corrosive salts, metals & chemicals
  • Making water safe for tools and equipments usage
  • Easy to install and cost-efficient
  • Removes salts, minerals and other impurities
  • Rejects bacteria, sugars, proteins, and other particles
  • Designed as per the technical details provided by the client
  • Serves the requirement with highest level of precision
  • High production capacity, reliable & durable
  • Ideal for different types of commercial / industrial setups
  • Highly effective and easily maintainable
  • Can be cleaned with ease and operate continually
  • Pre/post treatment equipments
  • Use of quality components